About the DM3 Institute

DM3 Institute (formerly the Digital Marketing Institute Middle East) is a regional leader in the delivery of social media and digital marketing/ online marketing training and certification programmes. With offices in Dubai, Riyadh and Jeddah, the DM3 Institute delivers a range of programmes that are designed to support economic and workforce development in the region by promoting digital marketing / online marketing as a key strategic business tool.

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Social Media Literacy Programme

Understand the impact of social media in work and social life with this 2 day programme, delivered by leading social media experts The course will enable you to use social media effectively and safely whilst understanding how to get started with the main social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and G+.

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Advisory Services

As the leading digital marketing training body in the region, DM3 Institute is uniquely placed to provide practical advice on how best to maximise your online presence and business opportunities through digital channels.

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Do you need to develop your in-house SEO skills or your team's social media marketing skills? Our in-house training solutions provide a range of tailored training solutions to meet your needs, from organisation wide lectures to customised interactive workshops.

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Read what some of our candidates in the region have to say about the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. Fast track your career by joining our programme today.

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Meet our Lecturers

Manal Assaad

Manal Assaad

Alan  Devereux

Alan Devereux

Cave Chalk
Imad  Lahad

Imad Lahad

Ibrahim Ahmed Elbadawi

Ibrahim Ahmed Elbadawi

Vishal Alimchandani

Vishal Alimchandani

Almond Digital
Tarik  Qahawish

Tarik Qahawish

Mohammed Al Thaher

Mohammed Al Thaher

SCAS Partners
Stanislas  Brunais

Stanislas Brunais

Osama Al Duwaik

Osama Al Duwaik

Go Digital
Ali  Sinaei

Ali Sinaei

Abdullah A.  Al Ghadouni

Abdullah A. Al Ghadouni

Martin  Kubler

Martin Kubler

Christian  Farioli

Christian Farioli

Bilal  Hallab

Bilal Hallab

The Social Clinic
Wael  AlFayez

Wael AlFayez

NUMU Multimedia
Christos  Solomi

Christos Solomi

Resolution Medea
Artour  Severinov

Artour Severinov

Hilton Worldwide
Mariana Boguslavsky

Mariana Boguslavsky

MB Consultancy
Susan Probert

Susan Probert

Safwan Kanj

Safwan Kanj

Email Citi
Zaeem  Mirza

Zaeem Mirza

Qatar Airways
Luca  Allam

Luca Allam

Byron  Koller

Byron Koller

Catherine  Moelker

Catherine Moelker

Effective Measures
Abbas  Alidina

Abbas Alidina

Kinloch Magowan

Kinloch Magowan

Richard FitzGerald

Richard FitzGerald

Mindshare MENA
Barry  Cummings

Barry Cummings

Maximum Net Gain